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RE: TT & Rear Lid

Wow - see what I get for mis-reading between the lines!

I've heard the same about Pfaff, Queensway and Oakville - I personally use
dealers for parts only when I have to and never for service.

Funny story; Chris Pfaff and I went to high school together and lived about
100 yards apart for about 5 years in the late 70's.  When we first met it
was not exactly friendly - he walked away with a rather large goose-egg
above his eye! <<sheepish grin>> We got over that and did some interesting
partying together on occasion.  Haven't seen or talked to him since he took
over the dealership when his father died.  Heard through the grapevine that
it's not exactly the place to go for service or good pricing.

Pity, as his old man had developed quite the excellent reputation in
central/eastern US and Canada.

The mechanic(s) I use are both ex-Queensway guys that do an excellent job
and know their stuff. One has to wonder why the good ones are all leaving?

Sorry London (Dalmar) VW-Audi - I take it back!


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On July 17th Peter Berrevoets spoke these words >>>>>>>

"Sounds like the London dealer should be avoided at all costs."
"It sounds like his dealer - in London... hmmmmm... - doesn't deserve his

Actual Peter, we lived in T.O for nearly 25 years and I've dealt with
Queensway, Pfaff and Oakville.

I bought two new Audi's from Ramsey at Queensway (incl. my '86 CGT), one
from Pfaff and one from Oakville.
Pfaff after-sales service on warranty issues sucked badly on far too many
Oakville tried to charge my wife $200.00 more for the installation of a new
fuel pump, and $120.00 for towing costs from the Kerr St. ramp on the QEW
to their shop - what's that two-three blocks?
Queensway mechanics scratched the hell out of my old S4 and refused to
repair - we went to court proved our case and won.

On the other hand....
Dalmar gives me a very hefty discount on parts and labour and I have
account privileges.  I have never had to take a car back for the
same/related problem and always provide me a free loaner to bomb around
town with.
Dalmar also ships my parts direct to me free (Tuesdays and Thursdays) which
is their milk-run to area garages, so I don't have to drive the 3 hr return
trip for parts.
Needed a new Repair Manual - their cost $85.60 sold it to me for $90.00 and
not the $149.00 listed.
Dalmar also got my wife's used S6 and charged no commission - I paid the
previous owner directly.
They also found my new acquisition (another '86 CGT) and charged me
Dalmar got a call from a wreckers near Bayfield who wanted to know what a
low-mileage 20V turbo was worth within 30 minutes I was on the road with my
neighbors truck - bought the engine and tranny for under a grand.
One of their staff spotted a Euro-spec'd 6 speed tranny at another yard
near Chatham while picking up a car - bought that for less than half a
They had a new A4 arrive last fall that was damaged in transit (rear
q-panel).  Fixed it and I bought the car for several thousand less than one
out of the showroom.  In fact these guys have been so good to me, in June I
ordered a new S4 in the imola (yellow) with the onyx leather.

So no I won't avoid these guys in fact other than Sprongl's in Georgetown,
these are the only 2 shops I can honestly say
I highly recommend.  Sprongl for engine and tranny work and his fair prices
(contrary to his driving skills - even his service isn't what I would call
speedy) and Dalmar since they supply me with copious amounts of coffee from
Tim's across the street.

Just because I have one minor incident doesn't mean someone should bash a
Dealer without knowing the whole story - besides, I really didn't push the
issue and quite frankly the current TT offering doesn't personally turn my

As far as the rear lid is concerned I agree, it ain't their fault EKTA
isn't available in Canada but, they actually bent over backwards to try to
help - however, they too have limited information available and must rely
on what Volkswagen in Toronto tells them.  So my beef isn't with the dealer
its with Audi US.

How's that for a sales plug.

Don Muirhead
'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2