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Re: 5k strut removal --- lower control arm joint fused to strut?!

> What's the secret here, guys?  I have released the strut's grip on the
> ball joint in the lower control arm and followed Bentley's suggestion
> of separating the two by pushing down on the anti-sway bar with a
> lever.  This thing does not budge!

> We recently used a 5 foot length of steel pipe with a 5' solid steel bar
> inserted inside it as a "cheater" for a total of maybe 9 feet. 230 lb yours
> truly jumped up an down on the thing while the pin refused to budge. It was
> mostly a matter of angle. We experimented with various angular positions,
> using the axle king nut to adjust the position of the drive shaft. When we
> had the right angle, it just popped out. 

The key is to have someone push the hub in, toward the centerline of the car, as you begin
to pry.  Otherwise, the ball joint will jam in the strut ever so slightly sideways and you
know the result of that. If it does jam, push it all the way back in and try again until
it pops right out.

Steve B. (the other other one)
87 5ktq
86 5ks