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RE: 2000 S4 BT Driving Impressions (TT reference)

> >Hmmm... the TTQ for arguments sake is 2700 pounds and makes 225 hp from a
> >1.8 liter motor. that's about 12 pounds/hp with a motor that makes 125 hp
> >per liter. Impressive!
> >
> >The S4 on the other hand is - lets say 3400 pounds- makes 250 hp (US) or
> >about 13.6 pounds per hp. Call that about 92.6 hp per liter. for the sake
> of
> >comparison, the US AAN make around 100 hp/liter
Matt didn't say the above, Rich did.  I don't completely agree with the
above statement as the tuning potential of a 30v V6 Biturbo vs. a 20v I4
single turbo should be far greater, even greater than our beloved 20v I5's.
Ignoring radical internal modifications, the S4 BT should easily make 300+
(TAP says 340, chips only).  Thats 126 hp per liter.  I know of Ur-S4/S6
folks who do the full boat, rods, pistons, and crank, and are still under
400hp.  One of those German tuners (Mr. Cool, Paul "I get people to give me
their new Quattro's" Rivera told me who it was, I forgot tho') say with
internals, 450 hp is easy for the new V6bt.  Thats 167 hp per liter.  I know
the 4cyl 20v is capable of similar numbers, but would you rather have a 4
banger making 450, or a V6?

> Stopped by Carlsen in Palo Alto and picked up the brochure on the neu S4.
> Spec sheet missing a few things:
> - weight
German site says 1510 kg (call it 3,325 lbs)

> - max turbo boost (tuning potential)
> Are there 2 boost guages?
Paul, can you shed a bit of light here??  I know you have some tuning info
these nice folks would love to hear...

> Do we (the list) have factual- as opposed to speculative- info on these
> missing specs?  How different is this car going to be from the A4 (other
> than
> the obvious- 2 extra cylinders.)
Go to:
They have an English version, bunch o' S4bt stuff...

> I like the color options better than TT.  I think the Nogaro blue (RS2)
> and silver interior would be nice.  
The Silver interior was _really_ nice.  In blue, the car would be

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