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Re: The answer (Was: Is an Ur-q I5 an interference engine?)

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From: Ken Keith <auditude@neta.com>

> quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) quoted:
> >
> > Check those timing belts, folks.
> I thought this happened from shearing the crank key?  Did the
> crank key shear because the cam stopped and the pistons didn't,
> due to the timing belt breaking?

Should have read 'and the crank bolts too'.
We all know about Monkeylads over-tightening nuts with their air wrenches -
well, these guys didn't go far enough. 2 years and a different owner later
the crank bolt had worked its way down to finger tight.
Loose crank bolt = loose pulley = damaged key
leading to open-wallet surgery.....

Jim Haseltine