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Buy at auction?

About a week ago I mentioned a weekly auction of impounded cars in my
town. I just picked up the current list (which has VIN's), and it seems
there'll be an '88 90 at the next auction. I'll have to call AoA next
week and find out if it's a q. From what I know of this auction
(haven't been to one yet), they tell you whether a car was parked or
being driven when it was impounded, so you have some idea of whether
it's a runner. Other than that, all you can do b4 bidding is a visual

If the body and interior didn't look pretty good, then I simply
wouldn't bid, but let's assume they did. Obviously, you have to factor
in the unknown-quantity element when you bid. Anyone have any
suggestions as to a reasonable amount to pay under the circumstances?
Personally, I could see spending $3-3.5K total for purchase price and
immediate repairs. I know I wouldn't normally get a 90 for that price,
but that's the whole point of going this route. While we're on this
topic, if you were me and you didn't get the 90, how much would you bid
for a 4kq? TIA