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ford granada car-o-scope (no audi content)

after huw asked what a car-o-scope for somebody who drove a ford granada 
would be, i tried it.  their words:

you picked a vehicle which is just
about perfect for you. Congratulations! For example,
when compared to other people who own a Ford
Granada, you're just about the same in terms of your
educational level, the extent to which you're a 
cheapskate, and status consciousness.

that's the same thing they said about my quatt and i.

here's the list they gave me.

Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More
               Compatible Vehicles

1.ford granada
2.MG Midget
3.Triumph TR4
4.Land Rover S2A
5.Volkswagen Bus

hmm, something's fishy about this car-o-scope...

sorry 'bout the BW.

trading in my 80Q for a Mark II ford granada estate 2.8