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Sv: a/c kills battery.....help

Once I had 100 Avant. Due to wish of a pollen filter, the
batteri was moved to (under) the back seat.
>From that time and on I had problems.
Before that I could leave the car withe park light on for days!

My 200QT20V are born with the batteri under backseat. And
I have the same problems.
They found, that the ground connection from batteri to engine
was not too good.

I think the problem is, that the charge regulator is placed at the generator
don't messure the resulting voltage at the battery. The generator have
probally amp's enough but are not allowed to put them out.

You can check that using a tang ampmeter.
And check the voltage drop from generator to battery.

BTW I don't know where your battery is located

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Sendt: 26. juli 1999 06:24
Emne: a/c kills battery.....help

> Ok.....the a/c in my 86 5kcst blows cold air..This is the good part. Two
> parts: One, the load on the engine is unbearable at low rpm's. From 1000
> about 2500, a bicycle could outrun the car as in this rpm range, it is
> lethargic. Once the boost picks up, things go ok. I have learned to live
> with this problem however. The second bad part is that when the a/c is on,
> the engine tends to heat up a lot. As a result, the fan runs almost non
> stop. The problem is that fan operation eventually kills the battery. This
> usually happens in city driving where the fan runs at high speed at
> stoplights and traffic, etc. and eventually, the +- voltage light begins
> flash on the dash display. At this point, i know that things are bad. I
> engine off and the afterrun fan comes on soon thereafter. This is what
> finally kills the battery. This has happened to me on more than one
> occasion. My deduction is that the battery is not getting the proper
> The battery is new btw. So what should I first look at/suspect? TIA
> Rokas
> 86 5kcst