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Warning for Type 44 Owners

Fellow Listers:  Had a scary thing happen on Sunday.  While driving a
friend to the hospital, my '89 200q suddenly revved towards the redline
between shifts.  I instantly shut it down and pulled over, but could not
spot anything wrong, accept that the throttle cable was extended, and
that there was some restriction in it.  After freeing the restriction, I
attempted to drive on, but the high rev condition persisted.  Limped
home with unwanted "cruise control."  Jumped into the '86 turbo, and
headed to the emergency room (friend is o.k.).  Later, I discovered what
had happened.

Our cars have a black plastic retaining clip designed to hold the fuel
injection rails away from the throttle cable/linkage.  This had failed,
resulting in the over-rev condition.

Probably would not be a bad idea to include checking this bracket
monthly, as part of your regular routine maintenance.