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RE: Coilovers

Be *very* careful. A spring with a rate of 150 pounds (a little heavier than
stock on a 4kq) will compress 1 inch for every 150 pounds weight. With  800
plus pounds on each front corner you are looking at a compression of over
5.5" when the car is at rest. If you use a 10" spring with this rate you
*will* have coil bind. My 10" springs (225 pounds) are slightly pre loaded
when set at stock ride height. With longer springs a compressor will be a


> you could always order the Eibach springs in the stock spring
> rate.  then
> would you have the customabality of ride height but the feel of stock
> springs.  The original spring perch is what gets shaved off, it is the
> circular piece upon which the stock springs rest.