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Re: new S4 Avant for European consumption

Virtual Bob writes:
> I hear there are (were) two legal 959 in the States -- one was
> imported as a racer (forgot which race); another was by, um, I think a
> diplomat or a car manufacturer. In the latter case, the 959 was allowed to
> stay in the States for 1 year (or was that 2?) and had to be exported or
> destroyed afterward.

Carlsen Porsche/Audi/VW in Palo Alto, CA. had a real 959 in the show room
once for display (not for sale -- it was owned by someone).  This was
last year soon before the Monterey Historics (featuring Porsche).  I
couldn't believe it even as I saw it with my own eyes, but it was
quite real.  In the showroom were a bunch of other Porsche race cars,
including the famous Sunono 917/30, a 935, and a vintage 356 racer.

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