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Re: new S4 Avant for European consumption

Virtual Bob decided to speak these words:

>The rumor I heard was that he had the 959 in the country for a while, and
>then he had to export it out (or destroy it) because Uncle Sam wouldn't
>let him. I hear there are (were) two legal 959 in the States -- one was
>imported as a racer (forgot which race); another was by, um, I think a
>diplomat or a car manufacturer. In the latter case, the 959 was allowed to
>stay in the States for 1 year (or was that 2?) and had to be exported or
>destroyed afterward.

Some interesting info regarding this.  One day at sears point, i was 
getting quite involved inthe porsche paddock, discussing motorsports, and 
technology, and getting rides on the track and stuff when the subject of 
the 959 came up.  Suffice to say, the real number of 959's in CA alone is 
around the dozen range...but you didnt hear it from me...hehe

BTW, that legislation is now changed and anyone can have a non- DOT legal 
car in the US now, but only for competition purposes.  You are allowed to 
drive it to, from and during the event...funny, i seem to always be on my 
way to an event, how bout you?