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Re: Pentosin

Audi was using 11s as G 002 000 by '91, so it would make sense to use 11s.
Though I agree that Audi's running change suggests that it's not a problem
to mix the two, I would use the version that the car was designed for, to
be safe.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 155k

Richard Beels wrote:
> Go ahead.  Audi considers  7 & 11 the same - they changed the fluid
> mid-stream w/o changing the part number....
> At 08:44 PM 7/27/99 ,  ekellock@juno.com was inspired to say:
> >I'm ashamed to ask this but...
> >
> >Is the G002000 hydraulic fluid, the 7.1 Pentosin?
> >
> >I need to top off the V8q, and 7.1 is what I've got.  I'm pretty sure
> >it's the right stuff, but would like a quick verification of this before
> >I add it.  The other stuff is 11s right?
> Cheers!