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Re: I5 flywheel lightening and Centerforce clutches...

OorQue@aol.com wrote:
> Centerforce clutch?  I'm not planning on going hog wild with my 200q but I'm
> aiming for 280+ hp and an equal amount of torque and am skeptical that the
> stock clutch will last long enough for three or four years of daily-driver


I bought Graydon Stuckey's 5Ktq and have put 8k miles on it for a
total of 214k.  It has about the same HP as you are looking at
(depending on outside temp, feels like maybe over 300 when it's
cold, zoom!).  The original clutch is still in the car, and I am
not all that gentle on it (and having ridden with Graydon a couple
of times, he wasn't either for the 50k miles he had the car :).


P.S., Was it Claus who said you can't do "burnouts" with a q?
Well, you just need more horsepower...  (You _are_ dropping the
clutch at 7000 rpm, aren't you?)

Eric Fahlgren                            Mechanical Dynamics, Inc
efahl@adams.com                          Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA