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Duosound? 8-inch speakers...


I have made up my mind to purchase a used Blaupunkt Toronto
RDM-126 CD head unit (instead of a more "wanted" Kenwood
unit) and also some JBL and Pioneer speakers for the 200.
One thing has me worried though. I looked into the Haynes
manual and it mentions a "duosound" item taking a signal
from the head unit. What is this thing?

Also, any idea on how to fit 8-inch speakers into the factory
holes under the rear shelf? I look at the rear speakers
yesterday and saw they are not mounted to the rear parcel
shelf, but to the metal under it instead. They're currently
6 inch or 6.5 inch units and they are fitted into prepared
holes for the magnet and the mounts.

Thanks. :)

1990 200 MC FWD auto (subframe go dis way den dat way den dis way...)