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Re: Considering strut insert replacement

Wallace White wrote:
> > Oh, yeah.  I was thinking you were going to pull out the strut bearing
> > and all the top end stuff, too, which is possible without removing the
> > strut housing.  If you don't pull the spring out, don't bother with
> > trying to find the strut bearing dust covers, as you need to pull
> > the spring and all the bits up top off to get at them.
> Here's a question, then: what all can you replace without removing the
> strut?

In my both type-44 I replaced the boots w/o a problem.
I would strongly advise to replace the top triangular mounts. Once you
take them off the car you'll see why. They are cheap too.
Don't confuse them with the top strut bearings (the skinny plastic
orange or red jobs). They usually last forever. Although if you decide
to replace them they're $12.50 ea. last time I did them on my '89 200TQ.

IME the best B-4-B is Boge Pro Gas for the front, modified Boge Turbo
Gas for the rear. Stock springs. Alas, the rear Pro Gas do not exist for
type 44 quattros.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.