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Re: More O2 sensor news

> I don't think that the sensor normally goes to that low a voltage ... (I'm
> not an expert on that, but it doesn't sound right based on my understanding
> of how the thing works).  If I saw something like that I would actually
> suspect that there is an intermittent connection to the sensor or a bad
> ground somewhere ...

Because of the grounding on the 5kCSQ, you can see the O2 voltage go a little
negative relative to the ground _at the ECU_.  This is just due to
current flowing in the ground wires between the engine block and
the ECU.  Anyone with my LED O2 meters can see this effect if they
ground the meter at the ECU...  All the LEDs go off and stay
off while the voltage is negative.

Grounding the meter as close as possible to the exhaust manifold
should help.