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Trunk Lock Failure

Success!  I really appreciate all of the responses to my plea for help.  I 
used a suggestion to enter through the ski bag with a socket wrench and lots 
of extensions to disassemble the latch mechanism.  Just two 10 mm nuts and a 
bit of jiggling was all that was needed to open the trunk.  Examination of 
the lock mechanism revealed a broken metal pivot arm (similar to the two door 
locks that I previously replaced; however, when I called the Audi dealer 
parts guy, he said that while the door locks were well known to break, he had 
never heard of the problem with the trunk).  Even more fortunate, I was 
moaning over the cost of replacing the part (actually not bad at $42) to my 
brother, when he told me he had an '89 100 parts car with a working trunk 
lock.  Hopefully they're the same.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded to my problem so expeditiously.  
You're a great bunch.