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Re: how to remove duct for oil cooler on turbo type 44's?

Remove the two bolts. Remove the screws securing the plastic valence under
the rad. Pull the bumper straight out until you can get at the back of the
turn signal lights. Remove the bulbs & sockets (1/4 turn to unlock and pull
out). Pull the bumper off. If you still have the plastic pull tab on your
front towing strap you will have to unsnap and remove the pull tab so the
tow strap can retract through the bumper cover grill. Don't break the chrome
trim strips by twisting or pulling up on the bumper.
    Take a good look at the tab and clip arrangement that secures the rear
wings of the bumper cover to the front fenders so you can install the bumper
without too much cursing. I usually slide the long tab into the upper clip
and snap in the lower tab by pushing in on the cover by hand once it is
installed. During installation, make sure the upper edge of the bumper cover
clears the chrome trim strips as you push it home.
    I usually remove the front half of the oil cooler duct from the bumper
cover and slide it onto the duct that is attached to the oil cooler. Once
the bumper is installed, I pull the front half of the duct forward and clip
it to the bumper cover.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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> At 9:35 PM -0400 8/19/99, Fred Munro wrote:
> >Brett;
> >
> >    Remove the front bumper. The front half of the oil cooler duct will
> >off with the bumper. Removing the bumper is easy, although IMO the
> >PITA with installing it is getting the oil cooler duct back on :o)
> Joy.  Ok, I really didn't want to remove the bumper, but oh well.
> I'll get some good access to the aux radiator; it seems to collect
> quantities of oil from somewhere(or at least did; I cleaned it out
> once or twice and the oil hasn't re-appeared very much.)
> I've removed the front grille before and associated trim to get at
> the headlights, so that isn't a problem.  However, I've never removed
> the bumper itself.  Is it just a)remove the two bolts, b)disconnect
> various things light turn signals?
> Brett
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