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Re: Radiator Repair

Maybe it's just bad luck?  I did not apply a lot of pressure when mine 
snapped. Was actually being very gentle with it, still I felt pretty stupid, 
until I found I wasn't the only one.  Rapid heating and cooling cycles may 
have had something to do with it too? (Removed twice that day before, 
coolant was just cool enough to open system.) I'm no physicist so that's 
just speculation.

>From: Phil and Judy Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>
>To: quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: Re: Radiator Repair
>Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 21:24:49 -0400
>Do these pesky radiator overflow nipples manage to fail all on their own?
>Or do they really need some "help" from a  palm or elbow (attached to
>careless owner/mechanic)? I frequently find myself starting to lean on the
>darn thing, but thankfully, some last-moment "leanus interruptus" has
>avoided  radiator catastrophe, so far.
> >Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 17:28:47 EDT
> >From: OorQue@aol.com
> >Subject: Re: Radiator Repair
> >
> >>  may find myself replacing my radiator anyway for AR and OC reasons, 
>but in
> >>  the mean time, the low $18US repair cost keeps the car on the road and
> >fends
> >>  off another spousal H-car purchase.
> >
> >It also makes a nice addition to the toolkit and spares collection in the
> >trunk, along with the H4 & H1 bulbs, heater valve, belts, water pump and
> >extra hoses.  I wouldn't trust it for long-term use but it sure beats 
> >stuck in Nowhere, Arizona on a hot summer's day...
> >
> >JG
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