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4000 Quattro Argh!

Ok, I'll admit it, this problem was probably completely my fault...

	Everytime I shift, when I release the pedal, I would let it click up until 
it rested at the height of it's swing, somewhere about 30 degrees above 
where it normally would rest.  It was "playing with the clutch pedal" I 
guess that turned into how I shifted.

	Well, I'm driving to class today, and the pedal starts clicking and 
wouldn't go above where it normally should rest.  30 miles later, it 
wouldn't even come up to there....20 minutes later, it was barely 
disengaging the clutch before I hit second gear...

I BARELY made it through the gates at Harvard when it seemed to sigh and 
give out....So I pulled into the nearest parking space (YES, I did "park 
the car in Harvard Yard") and saw that the clutch pedal had become 
disassociated from the clutch slave cylinder?  that it pushed on to engage 
the clutch.  I'm assuming that a new slave will do it, because I don't know 
if I trust the pedal to be rewelded or something....

I know this is a common problem, but has anyone ever seen that little 
bracket on the back snap like that?

87 4kq