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RE: TAP chip

Igor said;

> I've had the TAP chip in my '89 200TQ for 4 years and did not burn holes
> in pistons. Truth be told, only because I spotted the missing safety on
> this chipset and the associated engine pinging soon enough to replace
> the stock WG with the one sporting the adjustable spring perch, which
> allowed me to crank the boost down from like 22 psi to 17.
> Naturally, I trepanated the brain in my car: the 10v TAP Stage I mod
> turned out to be the now famous "ballast resistor - 4.7v Zener
> stabilising diode" tandem, which fools the brain into thinking that the
> overboost is never reached. It also featured the tap EPROM socketed in
> place of the now desoldered OEM PROM. Rumour has it the code is the same
> as the OEM except for the timing map retarded 1. Alas, my EPROM reader
> couldn't talk to this particular type of chips so I could not dump the
> codes to compare them.
> The  above pertains to my experience with the 10v TAP Stage I only but
> nevertheless I will be looking elsewhere for the chipset for my 20v when
> the time comes.
> -- 
> Igor Kessel
> Two turbo quattros.
TAP sells that hack??  UFB (un-f#$king-believable).  So they really don't
have a MAC-11 type EPROM only solution.  The resistor trick renders the in
car boost guage useless (well, many of you would say it was useless anyway),
as it fools the pressure sensor into only seeing like 1.4 bar.  This fools
the fuel pump cut-off into thinking the car is never going to see 1.8 + Bar.

A 'REAL' eprom solution raises the fuel pump cut-off, changes the timing
maps, etc.  Car runs much nicer.  It folks out there are running +1.8 bar,
I'd suggest getting a 2.5 bar pressure transducer, along with the proper
EPROM set-up.  You will notice the difference.  This applies to 86 - 90 tq's
only.  I don't know jack about the 1991 tq's.  Brett, is there a resistor
soldered into your (Sarge's old) ECU?  I'd be afraid to drive that thing if

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