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Re: Ur-Q ... buyer's market or seller's market?

>  Personally, I have been disappointed in the UrQ's I have driven,
>  including an '85. Slower than expected, squeaky, etc... Maybe I was just
>  expecting too much. The examples I drove were not exemplary either.

I've had the same experience, including even with the one I own.  In stock 
U.S. trim, they're pretty much slugs ... hate to say it and always get flamed 
when I do, but it's true.  :^(
>  However, to me, diehard Audi fan my whole licensed life, the UrQ is the
>  one of the most beautiful creations ever to have graced the road. I will
>  never forget that cold day in 1983, when, as a broke college student, I
>  pulled up to the VW-Audi dealership in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and parked
>  my 1978 Diamont Silber Rabbit (well worn, but ever so trusty) next to a
>  Gobi Beige/Mocha leather UrQ. Something like a $35K sticker (Doh! Before
>  there was Doh!). First UrQ I ever saw. I gawked for what seemed like
>  hours. Seems like yesterday. I still want one. Someday, I will have one.

If you make that Spring Break of 1982, Scottsdale Porsche-Audi in Scottsdale, 
Arizona; a 1977 yellow Triumph TR-7 and Mars Red Ur-Q, then you'd be 
describing my experience exactly.  I decided there and then that someday I'd 
own one of these cars and in December, 1996, I was fortunate enough to make 
good on the promise I'd made to myself.
>  The fact these cars have significant historical value is a given.
>  Whether they have investment potential is entirely dependent upon how
>  well Audi takes "advantage" of their current success, and continues to
>  manufacture cars that are enjoyable, practical to own, and above all, a
>  step ahead in styling and technology. They were on this track back in
>  the late '80's when thay were derailed by the American press. A hard
>  fought battle has brought them back. Let's hope that the lessons of the
>  past provide a moderate dose of humility that ensures steady,
>  consistent, and thorough progress.

I find it interesting that my only interest in Audis these days has to do 
with pre-'92 cars ... they haven't made anything since then that really 
captures my heart.  Frankly, I don't know what I'd buy to replace my 200q if 
I were forced to but I do know that it won't be an A-6 or even an S4 or S6 
... to me, these cars lost the "sporting sedan" character that I find so 
attractive with the Type 44 chassis cars.  They also don't depreciate nearly 
as fast as the older cars did and to me, the idea of paying a premium -- 
okay, make that not getting a huge discount -- for a used car is anathema.  
It's not as if I have no choice and can't afford to pay big bucks for a new 
car -- in the past, I've been sorely tempted to buy one of the new M3s, even 
though the monthly cost including insurance, etc. would have run me over $1k 
-- but I'm spoiled by a decade's worth of driving incredibly cheap cars that 
happen to be incredibly good.  Audi's recent sales succes might be good for 
the company but as things now stand, I'm not sure it bodes very well for my 
continued ownership of one in the long run ... sorry.  :^(         

>  I think I should buy my UrQ now.

Yes, I think so, too.  There's this guy who's got an '83 for sale and he's 
only asking $16k for it...   ;^)