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Re: more urq pricing

>    i will put it up for sale, but i will also put it into
>   storage (when the a4 arrives).  i'll drive it out to
>   alice's or bolinas (shhhh) once a month to keep it 
>   sharp.  if no one buys it, i'll get to keep it and one
>   day when i have a proper garage/barn i'll be glad i
>   did.

Hang a For Sale sign it with a $16k asking price and the odds are pretty good 
that it'll still be there when your garage or barn finally arrives!   ;^)

I'm just kidding, of course, but if you really want to keep the car, why not? 
 There is no point in selling this one if you're thinking about buying 
another one down the road since you don't really want to go through all that 
work again, do you?  One thing I've learned about playing with cars over the 
years is that it's best to start with the car you want to finish with ... if 
you don't like Mars Red as well as Port Rose, then don't buy a Mars Red car.  
If you don't want to spend a second fortune fixing the niggling little 
problems these cars seem to harbor, then don't buy one that isn't pefect.  
You may have to search longer or pay more for it once you find it but in the 
long run, this is always the least costly way to go.