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Re: Turbo Lag and Recycling - new concept?

Peter Berrevoets wrote:
> when you actually get it, as the turbine reroutes unburned exhaust
> gases back into the firing chambers."
> I kid you not :-)

Yeah, even here in Detroit, where you would expect the automotive
press to be a step above, we get this sort of misinformation.  Just
Thursday there was an article on direct injection diesels in the
Free Press, which mis-labeled half of the parts (for instance,
the con rod is correct, but the intake valve is tagged as the

(They did have a nice reminiscence re Minis by Lesley Hazleton,
who is lusting after the new Rover Mini.  This really brought
back some good memories for me, since my first car was a full-race
SCCA Mini, which my mother campaigned in the late '60s.  130 hp,
1300 lbs, a real rocket.)

Eric Fahlgren
The Murphy-Fahlgren Family            Try to take over the world.
efhome@adams.com                                  Canton, MI, USA