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Re: Does Audi paint die?

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:34:29 -0400, you wrote:

>I think mine may top the all time nasties in the paint dept. The _ENTIRE_
>hood is cracked into millions of paint shards, these shards are starting to
>peel in the RF of the hood exposing the bare metal. The rest of the car is
>scuffed by tohe PO's attempts to buff out the rest of the car and apparently
>had some grit (sand) on the pad. The bumpers are completely oxidized and
>carry many minor battle scars.... jeez at least I got the mechanics all
>straightened out!

My '87 5k is still on the orginal paint. No peeling, but worn. Lots of
stone chips on the front of the hood, multiple dents on the left side
etc. I've thought of trying to fix some of it by using spray paint and
clearcoat and sanding with 1500 paper afterwards, and it will probably
look better than the paint as it is now. The problem is the big dents
in the left rear door and the rear left fender. (caused by some moron
driving into my car while parked without leaving a single trace!) I
will probably try to "repair" the hood and the back egde of the trunk
lid myself, and leave the dented area to the body shop. I got a quote
of $1500 for fixing all dents and repainting the hood, trunk lid and
whole left side, but I just can't afford it until the spring. The
previous owner tried to fix some dents himself, by using a ton of
bondo and some silver paint, and the stone chips by using
_undercoating_ (!!) on the front of the hood.. Looks terrible..

I have to sand down the first 5" of the hood, using a small bit of
bondo on a dent (not a stone, had to be a rock!), priming, painting
and finishing with a clear coat. (and sanding with 1500 paper some
days later) I've got some experience with automotive painting, but no
professional experience or access to professional equipment..