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RE: Quattro g.box oil change

Thanks for the input Craig, mines quite notchy already so any improvement would be good. BTW isn't Mobil 1 engine oil????



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From:	Craig Lebakken [mailto:lebakken@cdicadwa.com]
Sent:	29 September 1999 20:31
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Subject:	Quattro g.box oil change

Iain Atkinson (ETL) <iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se> wrote:

"I am going to be replacing the g.box oil on my Coupe Q '85 soon,....Any
btdt would be appreciated,  I am going to use fully synthetic probably
Castrol TAF-X."

I do not know if this is the same as the Castrol synthetic that I
purchased from Blau and used on my 1986 4KQ, but I have not been overly
impressed with it. Shifting seems to be not as smooth, almost notchy. A
friend and I changed the oil simultaneously, and he changed his again
immediately thereafter for the same complaint. I have been lazy, and
have not changed mine yet, but I will soon, and I am going to try Mobil
1 synthetic.