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Re: 90Q body side moldings

Len Ferrara <l.ferrara@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>Just replaced mine on 2 cars,

>Wide door molding $100

>Sweep on bottom of door $36.

I didn't look at them closely when I was in the US, but there seems to be
quite a difference between these mouldings for the US and European cars.
When I wanted to remove a single damaged moulding on my old 80, it took me
two hours of brute force, mucking about with solvent and paint stripper gun
and mucho expletives to get even one off. Removing the glue residue was
another story, from start of job to new moulding on took me hours- and the
moulding came off in small scraps. New rear door moulding w/self adhesive
tape cost me $32 from the dealer.

Believe me, I've never seen one of these fall off here- wouldn't believe
that to be possible.

Maybe retrofitting Euro parts would be worthwhile? Looking at the picture
of a red 90q I took at Monterey, the mouldings look similar to those on a
European 80 (the Euro 90 has 'chrome' inserts in the side mouldings).