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i don't know if we have to have a debate on top of pikes peak (yes, i did
get the sarcasm, don't worry), but maybe it would be a good idea to curb the
torsen debate for a month or so, set a date and have you guys post your
arguments on the web in paper form (if i had a web page, i would offer it
for the posting -- anyone care to offer in my place?).  that way, we might
all be able to benefit from both of your knowledge/experience instead of
having our inboxes jammed full of personal attacks.  i personally don't give
a rat's ass who is a better driver or who stiffed who for what, but i am
interested in this argument.

-joe brown
1990 80q - 142k mi torsen equipped, and i really doubt i'd be able to tell
the difference if it wasn't.