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Clutch Pedal Replacement Advice--87 5ktq

The monkey lads or something got me today. At the local tire shop my clutch 
pedal went to the floor as they were about to back out of the garage area.

They took an uneducated look and think it's the pedal. Makes sense to me 
since the master is only 10 months old and I know that there is a history of 
borken pedals on our cars.

Bad news is Linda can't get me one 'till next Tuesday at the soonest (VW 
doing inventory). Good news is DAD's can get me a used one by Friday (that is 
unless any other CA listers have a spare they can get to me???).

So, seeking any and all BTDT advice on changing this sucker on Friday. Road 
trip planned to LA to see the CA500 hangs in the balance so any and all help 
will be greatly appreceated. TIA.

Mike Veglia
5kcstq...temporarily stranded at tire shop :(