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RE: Adding Fuel

Dave E writes:
>mmmmm.... and what scott, apart from personal experience, have you bought to
>this debate?  never once have you volunteered any new information from any
>verifiable source.  you also have never even acknowledged the gaps in your
>knowledge of this device (i could go into details but i won't).

?  And here I was convinced that I brought the exact spider bite phenomenon 
described to the table (with many scenarios), referencing *your* 885140.  I 
acknowlege a bunch of gaps in my knowlege of this device, it's called 
predictability.  The micro management of the device operation isn't necessary 
Dave, a few really basic questions are all that are necessary.  The *result* 
is a chassis dynamic: U or O, that's really all you need to understand.

>phil on the other hand has clearly demonstrated that alignment was the cause
>of his "bite" on a 200q.  your back-pedalling on his experience once it
>resolved into an alignment issue would make a politician proud, and imo, is
>pretty demonstrative on your position in all this.
>you should take a reality check.

I'm thinking differently, see DLawson's post.  I see a 'trained scientist' 
presenting a "conclusion" based on his "experiments".  Those "experiments" 
have no pre or post data.  I'm happy to explore and possibly "accept" the 
alignment argument (so archived), but isn't data necessary (and blatently 
missing)?  Couldn't a scientist reasonably conclude that changing other 
variables in the torsen matrix (maybe you should add that to your 6 variable 
list Dave, you missed it the first time) would mirror the 'misalignment' 
allocation of torque?  Didn't many scientists in your papers, specifically 
exclude mentioning alignment specs and protocol, cuz they are really basic to 
the presentations? 

I'm all for simple solutions.  Phil's experiments lack replicable pre and 
post data and btdt by me and others (alignment to audi revised TSB specs).  I 
tried a few times to explore his summary.  After a many rebuffs, I figure we 
just acknowlege that Phil has an opinion (without data, he has no 
experiments, without review of the relevent research, his null has no 
validity), and the conclusion is somewhat, er, premature.  I have no problem 
with that, and am happy to move on.

Scott Justusson