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RE: coupe tail lights - about time!

> This has got me thinking, I was driving behind a both a URQ 
> and a normal FWD Coupe last week and I noticed that when the 
> brake lights went on two bulbs lit up on the bottom of the 
> tail lights. On my '85 Coupe Q only the outer light, lights 
> up when the brakes are applied. Does anyone know if there was 
> a change from earlier cars to this later setup which is preferable.

Due to some recent experience I know the answer to this one ... did the QTC
happen to have the blacked-out taillights by any chance?  There is a
replacement for the bulb holder that plugs into the left and right
taillights that incorporates two dual filament bulbs in place of the
individual single filament brake light and tail light.  The unit plugs into
the same connector on the loom, and while I didn't try it on the non blacked
out taillights, I would expect that the bulb holder is compatible with the
standard housing.  I didn't happen to write down P/Ns (they were on TFA
though) but I did compare the two I had.  The original singe filament and
the dual filament had the same base number, but the dual filament part had
an "A" version.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)