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RE: coupe tail lights - about time!

In message <611408FA8FACD2118A670008C75D64FC02C2E28F@euktcnt010.ericsson.se> "Iain Atkinson (ETL)" writes:

> This has got me thinking, I was driving behind a both a URQ and a
> normal FWD Coupe last week and I noticed that when the brake lights
> went on two bulbs lit up on the bottom of the tail lights. On my '85
> Coupe Q only the outer light, lights up when the brakes are applied.
> Does anyone know if there was a change from earlier cars to this later
> setup which is preferable.

Oh, yes.  Audi got into trouble in the UK when they 'smoked' the
ur-quattro's rear lights.  They were adjudged too dim, and a second
bulb had to be added to meet the minimum MOT requirements.

Model years prior to 1984 had unsmoked lenses.  The 1984 model year
had smoked lenses with single bulbs.  1985 and onwards have smoked
lenses and twin bulbs.  Except for the ones that don't ...

(There's no rhyme or reason.  Isolated cars appear up to 1987 with
 single bulbs ...)

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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