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Re: Turbo Coupes besides UrQ?

The Saab 900, some are lemons, though after the GM takeover. May have
scary handling dynamics if modified. The good ones are good, but wierd.

The 90-91 coupe didn't have a turbo, 5 lug rotors, some other stuff. Great
starting point, though.

There were a few 4 motion or sycro Golfs made for racing homologation.
Some made it here as reg. prod., I think most are gray market. Heavy, but
modifiable. Near zero availability.

BMW's ix system on the 325 ix. Heavy, sucks, lots of maintainance. I'll
withdraw the sucks part, but by comparison, it's not as integrated as the
quattro systems. Failures a potential nightmare.

I won't do Chrysler.

The T-Bird Turbo coupe is something I don't like but was actually kind of
interesting. It used a four cylinder turbo, no ic. The cougar xr-7 had
this, too. The Mustang Svo used this powerplant with an ic and 5 lug
vrakes. German sourced engine.
Very interestin mildly modified. Not too much work or dollars to get hp.
4 wheel disc, 5 lug.

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On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Jon Archibald wrote:

> My friend Dean, an accomplished VW tuner, is interested in building a hot
> quattro. Although he likes my 5k, he's more into lighter coupes. I don't
> know much about the various coupes that have been offered in the US. Besides
> the UrQ, were any other coupes offered with a turbo in the late eighties to
> early nineties?
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