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RE: More tt

Well at least in the USA the spoiler won't be available as soon as the other
parts for the campaign. I think I would consider (at least if I had a TT)
having the suspension modifications done before the spoiler was available
and then just never return to have the spoiler installed. Or just not let
them install the spoiler when they do the rest.

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		Tom Nas writes:
		>Apparently, at 200 km/h, the TT's rear end has 67 kg of
lift. Add a
		>spoiler, and this goes down to 24 kg.
		>Z3 Coupe has 29 kg,  SLK 47, Boxster has 31.
		>I still think it's an ugly afterthought.

		We here in the states, one looks at that spoiler and
proposes, "that's a JC 
		Whitney" spoiler (large mail order aftermarket source
renouned for cheezy car 
		additions).  Hardly a compliment.  My own thinking is, that
if someone told 
		me I "had" to have that spoiler on the back of my tt, I'd
consider giving the 
		car back.  That thing is really ugly to the rear lines of
the tt that was 
		penned without it.  Function-smunction.  But then again,
hanging weights off 
		the bumper of any clean sheet designed chassis is an
interesting concept in 
		and of itself.

		I'm with you on the thinking Tom.  I don't think more pix of
the rear spoiler 
		is what tt owners need right now.

		My .02

		Scott Justusson