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re: monkeylads (was re: odd noise help)

One more reason why the monkey lads NEVER, EVER,EVER touch my car!!!

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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

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>Sent: 	November 3, 1999 3:16 PM
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>From: Livolsi, Stephane <livols1@investorsgroup.com>
>> Did you check to see if they tightened the lug bolts/nuts?  Monkey lad
>> alert!!!
>Friend left his Golf Gti at Kwik-Fit today. About an hour later one of the
>monkeylads phoned him at work to say that the locking wheel nuts were fitted
>so tightly that they (the monkey lads) were afraid that they might shear the
>removal tool and should they continue with the work. Meaning 'if you tell us
>to do the work and we shear the tool then its not our fault'. Instead of
>walking 20 yards along the office and asking me what I thought, he told them
>to carry on. 10 minutes later he got another call to say that the tool had
>sheared - what a surprise. What's the betting that I was correct when I told
>him that the monkeys had probably already sheared the tool _before_ they
>called him the first time?
>BTW, this is the same place that put a new tyre on my pos coupe a few months
>ago and fitted adhesive balance weights without cleaning the road dust off
>the rim first.
>Jim Haseltine