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Re: Wheel cleaning

In a message dated 12/1/99 12:54:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
ron_01056@yahoo.com writes:

<< Guy said they came off a 89 5kcsq but I thought
 thats the year they introduced the 100 as the 5k? I
 think they came off an 89 200?  >>

'88 was the last year the "5000" nomenclature was used.  all '89-'91 are 
either 100, or 200 if turbo.  As far as i know, the BBS wheels werent 
introduced until '89, and they were standard on the '89-'91 TQ's, and a 
option on the 200T-nonQ, and the 100Q's. 
fwiw, if your wheels have years of brake dust baked onto them from lack of 
cleaning, then use some soft scrub cleanser, and a little scrubbing pad.
'86 5kT, TQ