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Some Car Audio Advice of my own!(Comm. Ed.s especially!)

To those of you who have the red leather interiors(i.e. CoupeGT and 4KQ Commemorative Editions), I HIGHLY suggest looking into the Blaupunkt Nevada 168 in-dash CD digiceiver in the color red!! For others, it comes in black, blue, and also yellow. I bought it(had to special order it from Germany! ..cool!) and love EVERYTHING about it. Incredible tuner, GREAT ergos, and the color...OH THE COLOR - it matches perfectly!  The damn display is even the same shade of orange as my digital instrument cluster!! It looks SO good in the black center console...and not at all flashy like every other system sold today. It is ultra simple lookin, but highly effective, just like the interiors of our Audis!  I highly recommend!! It's cheap too...$280! Probably less for all u web savy people.  Of course it helps to have MB Quart separates installed in the door panels - they look awesome there too...and Oh how good they sound!  Just so u guys know how I love my red interior - I opted for a Sony amp(4x75) that comes in a beautiful RED brushed-aluminum finish...too bad it's installed in my trunk where no one can see it! :-( 
Well, anyways, sorry for going on bout my system, just thought the few of u out there that have red leather should know...That's my advice....Thanks for your time!