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RE: REPOST: 88 5ksq trunk latch spring -- Does *anyone* know?

I am talking about the *latch* in the middle.  There is a little spring
inside the mechanism that is visible even without taking the thing apart.
You just need to look from the inside of the trunk at the top of the
latching mechanism.

The springs on the hinges are fine.  Thanks for at least writing, though.

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There's an upgrade to gas struts.
I saw some info on http://www.sjmautotechnik.com.
Good luck,


"amz" <amz@eskimo.com> wrote:
> Posted a couple of days ago, but haven't seen or rec'd. any replies.  Does
> *anyone* have an idea on this?  I would hate to have to replace the whole
> latch mechanism if the spring is an easy fix.  I would be greatly
> appreciative of any assistance.  Thanks!
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> A short, little spring in the trunk latch of my 88 5ksq broke.  Unbolted
> latch to look inside and found spring, but can't figure out where the two
> ends go.  I'm guessing that one goes on the little locking (?) arm with a
> hole in it.  Not sure where other end goes.  Also, I'm guessing that the
> spring is a closed loop on one end and open on the other?  My broken one
> only has a closed loop and a little tail on the other end.  Is this a
> hardware store, auto parts store, VW dealer or only Audi dealer part?
> a former Audi, now only VW, dealer in my area.  Audi dealer is a drive
> Seattle.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.
> - - Andrejs