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ic progress/turbulators

Ok, I looked at what I've built so far and actually, the durability is
very high. Last night, tired and frustrated, I thought that it wouldn't
hold, but the solder brazings that I made are unbelievably strong.

Still, 3/8" copper tube is too large. It really doesn't allow for much
airflow between tubes, but there may be a good deal of conduction to the
air exposed tubes from the inner, shrouded ones. I still need to find like
45ft of copper tubing in something less than 1/4" diameter that's cost
effective for this project to continue. I hope there are ideas. I will
still continue using the 3/8" tubing, but I feel I won't see the cooling
results. At the least it'll be a good mockup. 

Turbulators: I was sent an email regarding turbulators. I was given the
impression that the sender was implying that the project will be a failure
because I won't have turbulators within the tubes. I looked at a
disassembled ic that I have and the stock configuration is not multiple
core tubes (front to back), but just two in an oval shape. The turbulators
are simply pieces of flat al. that have been folded; corrugated, if you
will. Nothing fancy, nothing that can't be duplicated using smaller, but
more numerous tubes or fewer, larger tubes and slipping copper plate
inside. In any event, the turbulators don't contact the core walls on flat
faces, rather, the edges do.

Now that the sawing and the tube cutting and reaming (making 26 9 1/2"
copper tubes) is done, the rest won't be too bad. The soldering is tough
due to the butting and brazing method. The smaller tubing, if it can fit
the criteria, can slip inside the drilled holes in the end caps would make
installation much simpler. I'm considering flaring the tubing.

I will make a separate post regarding cheap sources for the smaller dia
copper tubing.
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