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RE: 4 questions on 016

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 11:48:20 EST, Scott J. wrote:

> M.  McCarty writes:
> > 1) the ball on the shift lever is wobbly and I'm wondering if it can be
> > taken off and peened tight again without risk of damage.
>  The bushing on the shift rod can be replaced, a better way of fixing the 
>  slop.  If the ball is too worn (I doubt this), replace it.

I believe Mr. McCarty meant the ball (machined steel) that is part of
the selector shaft lever (cast iron). BTDT. It lasted about two months
before getting loose again. You are best off replacing it or welding the
ball to the arm IME.  This is a common problem which causes alot of slop
in the linkage. It can be replaced in the car, but it is MUCH easier on
the bench. I believe the part (431 711 181 C) is about $50. I have heard
that there is also a replacement part (857 711 181B perhaps?) that is a
bit shorter which would give shorter throws at the shifter.  

> > 4) I have a new release bearing and guide sleeve from Carlsen and
> > specified a metal guide sleeve, which I did get. But I notice that the
> > inside of the release bearing is plastic while my old one was metal. Are
> > these parts compatable? If so, should the guide sleeve be lubricated or
> > not?
>  Yes, general purpose grease (lightly) is fine.  The plastic v metal release 
>  bearings are interchangeable and really don't affect performance of the part, 
>  IME.  Also, use the package of grease that comes with the clutch kit to lube 
>  the input shaft splines.  Failure to do this can result in an expensive 
>  clutch redo.

I always thought the plastic release bearing was _only_ to be used with
the metal guide sleeve and vice versa. Anyone?

Steve Eiche