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Re: TAP Mods for URQ


Watch the fit of the exhaust.  I bought the cat back version some years ago,
and the fit is not great, particularly at the back in that it hangs too low
(also a problem with my Stebro).  It has lasted well however, which makes
sense given that it is stainless.  Once they made the sale the TAP guys were
distinctly unhelpful.

John Corbs

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Sent: Friday, December 10, 1999 9:31 AM
Subject: TAP Mods for URQ

> I am thinking of putting on the TAP Hybrid Turbo and
> the full Turbo Back exhaust that TAP has. The good
> thing is that the car already has the plumbing done
> for the S4 turbo to be bolted on, I guess according to
> TAP that is what the Hybrid turbo is? just bored out
> larger. They say it will help my low end, right now
> all the car has is chip and wastegate spring.
> Talked to the mechanic and said that if you do that
> you should also do a headgasket, just to be sure, also
> I was looking at doing the cams(schrick?)
> The mechanic said that it would make sense to do this
> as an all at once job,seeing as that the turbo and the
> headers are buried.
> Has anyone done this, any info will be helpful in my
> decision.
> Cost?,BHP gain?,Time? Is it worth it?
> Also would if I did this would anyone be interested in
> buying the turbo, and OEM exhaust from my URQ? To help
> me recoup some of the cost of the mod.
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