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Re: 5000 turbo diesel wanted

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 11:27:59 EST, you wrote:

>my friend w/ the '83 5kTD just was rearended ..between that and the front 
>deer damage, he's looking for another TD. (he's a turbodiesel freak)
>this is a long shot, but i told him i would post it for him.. 
>would prefer either a '81-'83 US model 5kTD , or a '84 up Canadian Model 5kTD 
>with a nice straight/solid body. no rustbuckets.. engine isnt as important as 
>the body, but would be a plus if it ran. 
>was there ever such thing as a NON-US model type 44 TDQ???
>he's in allentown, pa, but would travel for a nice one.
>also would consider a '84 up Canadian 5k diesel (non turbo) but would prefer 

There was no type 44 TD with quattro, but here in Europe, we had
diesels with and without turbo all the time from 1983 to 1991. 

Actually, I have a '87 100CS Turbo Diesel that is for sale. (want a
quattro and I'm tired of the shaking and noise from the diesel engine)
Unfortuneately, I'm in northern Europe.. :-(