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Re: Homemade Water inject-->MISTER for IC

A friend of mine has something called the "Intercooler Optimizer" which is
made by Spearco.  He says it works well and is a cheap/easy way to lower
intake temps.  It just sprays an ultra-fine spritz of water over the front
of the IC.  I however don't really know how it works....  I.E. Does it come
on only when you nail the gas (i.e. 3/4 to full throttle)???  That might be
a good way to conserve some of the water.

Those of us with Audi 200's, it should be an easy mod!  I have thought about
doing this.  200's have a very big washer tank underneath the passenger
front headlamp.  I could convert back to the older 5KTQ set-up for the
washer bottle and use the big lower one as a reservoir for the IC mister!
Anyone done it this way???


Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:33:35 -0800
From: "Leigh Anderson" <leigha@teleport.com>
Subject: Re: Homemade Water inject-->MISTER for IC

This thread (s-cars list) reminds of another kind of related idea...
Simplest idea of all re water use, is to put a boost-actuated simple garden
mister in front of the IC for extra cooling on hot track days. Use ww fluid
reservoir for water supply.

Plus'es:  simple, inexpensive, prevents HP degradation in higher ambient
temps, (reduces detonation conditions?), zero risk if it malfunctions
Con's: doesn't have as big an effect on detonation, intended really only for
track days in summer

I haven't done it yet, and will be looking for parts soon, but a mister will
be on my UrS4 before summer track events.  Also plan on installing the dual
temp probe/gauge before+after the IC, to monitor the IC performance.  Has
anyone already measured mister effectiveness?

Any IC_mister parts/source/etc BTDT?