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RE: Locktite on driveshafts

Remember folks, locktite is commonly used as a weather barrier for exposed 
torqued components.  In the case of the audi ABS equipped driveshafts, I've 
seen it in all audis from the factory (that had no prior service).  The abs 
sight/water drain/ hole in the bottom of many abs struts means water can 
enter the hub and bearing assembly rather easily.   In the case of the abs 
sensor, audi goobs it up with a bunch of grease to prevent rust seizing. 
IME/O, loctite should be used per bentley, and it IS used quite often from 
the factory.  That said, I've seen a case where the tech used too much, and 
the loctite entered the bearing and the bearing failed within a couple weeks. 
 A proper gear puller doesn't really make this a huge deal to get off.  In 
the very extreme case (many salted components here in chicago), the only way 
to remove the driveshaft may be the big hammer on a soon to be wasted axle 

My .02

Scott Justusson