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'88 5kcstq no start update

Hello again,

Last night I put the recharged battery back in the '88 5kcstq (dang 
PO didn't get the one with the vent hose hookup, looks like it'll get 
swapped for the 4ksq's battery soon).

I jumped the fuel pump, heard it run, and tried to start the car.  It 
cranked but didn't catch at all.  So, perhaps my problems are after 
the fuel pump.

Do I need to lift the air meter plate to get fuel to do in the motor?

I hope to be pulling some parts off this weekend, so I can get a 
look at everything.  I've been spending extra time working on a 
certain plastic-bodied 'murkin car, that now has H&R/KYB 

Thanks for any help,