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Fwd: Re: Meltdown at Carlsson

You said
>Ok I have had a similar experience with Carlson parts.  I think Linda is a
>Bit@&.  Anytime I get her she is in a mood, with a Tude!  

I live in CT so I've never seen her.  I've  talked to her on the phone...lots.
She always super busy but I come to believe she's the type of person
who would be that way if she had nothing to do.  However, she always 
take the time to help me, sort out my half-a$$ed description of parts, cross-
references them to local sources(considerable cheaper) or Audi, boxes 
them up,(that day) and sends them to me.  I've never had an incorrect part.
And the one time she said she'd send a part red label and didn't, she shipped 
it red label the next day, freight prepaid and issued a UPS "call tag" to get 
the first part back on her dime.  She's got my credit card number on file 
and I've never had a billing error either!  have no complaints with her at
She's great.  I just wish my local dealer was even half as competent.

Just my .02