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Type 44 UFO capable 16 inch steel rims found.


I finally found the solution to my dilemma of finding
a steel wheel that will fit my current UFO brake-euipped
Avant and clear potential brake upgrades in the future.
I don't intend to use the car on the track, but may 
want an economical choice other than the UFOs.

It turns out that 16 inch steel wheels spec.'d for
the A4 will fit over the UFO Brake rotor. I found
this out thanks in part to Chris Miller, who connected
me with an almost A4 owner who had bought slightly used
winter rims and tires, and then canceled his car order.

I had doubts that they would fit, but when I tried them
on the car, and again at Chris' house over a UFO rotor,
I did confirm that they fit comfortably over the rotor
and sit on the wheel hub.

The identifying marks on the wheel hub are :
SRD 162001 7J x 16-112 ET42. Rims came shod with slightly
used Dunlop Graspic HS-2 205/5R16s and wheel covers.

I hope someone finds this information usefull.

-Peter Schulz
1991 200 20v TQW
1990 CQ
Chelmsford, MA USA