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New Years in Florida

   Hello Q-listers
My question mainly is for the list members in Florida,
me and my girlfriend will be leavin Monday night
headin to Big Cypress Indian reservation for the Phish
show on N.Y.E(Band from Vermont) and it's in between
F.T Lauderdale and Miami now people have said that
there's nothing but alligators and locals, now I know
to stay away from the gators but how are the locals?
The only reason I ask is because me and my buddy just
got back from Philly, D.C, Raleigh,& Virginia(for
Phish as well) and no problems except for Philly, now
don't get me wrong Philly is a nice place but me and
my buddy got lost on this road and ended up in the
ghetto a street called (Germantown PK) or something
really wasn't paying to much attention to anything but
gettin out of there, any listers from Philly know the
road I'm talking about? It's what seems like 5 or so
odd miles long, anyway I just wanted to be safe don't
want to get under anybody's skin so far away from home
and that would be Southern Mass
And hows the weather? lots of rain? sunny? I've been
watching the weather channel and all but I'd like to
hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.
Thank's in advance and everybody have a safe and
joyous holiday.
87 5ksq 196K (original owner)
86 saab 9kcdt 126K

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