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Unintended acceleration performance packages

I just talked to Ned Ritchie from Unintended Acceleration about uping
the performance of a 91 200Q.  He's got three packages:

a) 240HP.  change the computer chip.  $795

b) 260HP.  (a) plus change exhaust manifold and pressure
           module. $2100

c) 290HP.  (b) plus change the turbocharger. $4200

Ned says that the warranty should not be affected by this mods and
that the car will still pass inspection.  In addition, the car will
idle as smooth as it does now.   It all sounds too good to be true,
except for the price of options (b) and (c).

Somebody has posted his experiences in replacing the computer chip on
an Audi 5000 and somehow he wasn't too happy with the results.  Does
anybody has an opinion on what to expect from the upgrade ?

Price for additional HP:

Option (a):  $34.57/HP
Option (b):  $48.84/HP
Option (c):  $57.53/HP

No clear winner.

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