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Unintended acceleration performance packages


Ned says that there are three 200Qs with the full modifications
(290HP).  Two were done by an Audi dealer and one was done by an Audi
specialist (both using Intended Acceleration mods).  Apparently, some
Audi dealers want to do it and others don't want anything to do with

One of the 200Q cars is doing the 1/4 mile in 13.8 seconds at 105mph.
That's pretty respectable.  However, $4200 for an improvement from
15.1 seconds at 94mph ...

Thanks for sharing your experiences.  Sounds like your very happy with
your modified 5000Q.


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   Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 12:50:58 -0800
   From: gooley@netcom.com (Mark. Gooley)

   I posted about Intended Acceleration's upgrade.  I was under the
   impression that the 200Q upgrade was more expensive than the old
   5000T/TQ upgrade, but I could be wrong (if that's what Ritchie
   says, I guess you should believe him rather than me :-} ).

   Anyway, after a few months of experience on my '88 5000 CS Turbo,
   my only complaint is a bit of front-wheel-drive torque steer.  I
   have gotten used to the sudden surge as the turbo kicks into top
   boost, and don't regret having had the modification, not one bit.
   I couldn't enjoy my car without it any more.  Supposedly it's gone
   from about 160 HP to about 215.

   My guess is that on any Quattro, the all-wheel drive will prevent
   the torque steer problem I see on my FWD 5000.  The Quattros are a
   bit underpowered anyway, and so the higher horsepower is not going
   to give you that sudden impact I get on my car.

   In your position, I'd probably just have the control unit altered,
   but the price for the other options doesn't seem that bad.  Would
   you have to remove the parts yourself, or take the car to Ritchie?
   Having the control unit altered is quick and easy, and takes little
   time and trouble; new exhaust manifold and perhpas turbo might be
   more of a hassle.